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In order to apply, please complete the EXPERTS III Online Application Form within the call for applications. 

You can save the uploaded information and return to the application form on another occasion within the application deadline to further complete it.

List of Documents required:

  • Copy of passport or other official identification proof
  • Proof of the language of instruction proficiency
  • Copy of the most recent academic records-transcripts (current students)
  • Copies of the Higher Education certificates or Diplomas obtained prior to the current study (current and former students and Staff)
  • Sample of a publication (where relevant)
  • At least 2 recommendation letters
  • Motivation Letter for each Host University indicated
  • Learning Agreement - obligatory for Exchange Undergraduate and Master Candidates
    Form can be uploaded HERE
  • Research Proposal (Doctorate and Post Doctorate Candidates only)
  • CV (EUROPASS Format)
  • For TG3 – proof of vulnerable situation


  • Full degree Candidates should refer to the Host Universities‘websites for details on the programmes and application deadlines. Please make sure to apply for EXPERTS III and the degree programme separately and you respect the EXPERTS III application deadline and separately the Host University specific programme application deadline.
  • TG3 Candidates are required to provide the proof of the vulnerable situation in the application form. 

  • Doctorate, Post-Doctorate and Staff Candidates are encouraged to establish a communication with respected Host University department, an academic or a research group prior to the application. Letter of Invitation, if obtained, should be attached to the application form.

  • Difficult economic situation – Candidates in difficult economic situation are encouraged to inform the Consortium on the situation in the online application, in the motivation letter. A proof of the difficult economic situation may be required.

* Recommendation letter is a written reference designed to offer information about your character and study/work ethic. The letter should consist of: an information explaining how the referee knows you and the nature of your relationship with them; an honest evaluation of your skills and accomplishments with examples, where relevant; and a statement explaining why the referee would recommend you.
* Motivation letter is a supporting statement to your application and the choices you indicated in the application. It should give a clear idea on what you are applying for and how you found out about that opportunity. In order to support your candidacy, you should indicate the relevance of your skills, achievements and qualifications to the scholarship you apply for and indicate how you think the Host Institution you choose would represent the perfect match to your academic and other aspirations and qualifications and should point out why you want it. You should outline your interest for the skills you are going to learn if you get the scholarship and how it will fulfill your ambition.

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