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 Tips for Optimising your Application

Tips for optimising your application:


  • Make sure to read the Eligibility Criteria of the EXPERTS projects carefully - do you fulfil the criteria?

  • Read our information on Target Groups carefully and decide which group/type you should apply under.

  • Make sure you upload the necessary Documents into your application. Missing documents may result in your application being unsuccessful.

  • Carefully check the language criteria of the study programme you are interested in. Give proof of being proficient in the language of instruction for the study programme at your Host University and upload a language certificate accordingly. Such a language certificate is usually an internationally recognised one, for example (for English) IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Certificate, etc., or else please upload a statement from your current or former university, confirming that current or former studies were conducted completely in English.

  • Collect as much information as possible about the study programme you are applying for. Check the admission criteria - do you fulfil it? And check the course list or university calendar - are there any courses of interest for you?

  • You may get in contact with prospective host universities in order to find out more about their admission or selection criteria. It is best to check all available online information first before keeping your correspondence partners busy with too frequent emails. The people you are contacting might be the ones will evaluate your application. Please avoid sending multiple emails, and ensure that you have checked the project/host university websites for the answer to your question before directing it to a member of the Project Coordination Team/your chosen host university.

  • For PhD, PostDoc and Staff: find a supervisor at the host university and ensure that you have a document proving the agreement/invitation!

  • For Target Group 1 candidates: contact the International Relations Office of your home university. Remember that the online application forms of all Target Group 1 students will be screened and validated by the International Relations Office of their home university.  

  • Bear in mind that all full degree seeking students, i.e. those who intend to obtain a degree at the host university, may have to apply both online to the EXPERTS consortium for a scholarship, and - sometimes simultaneously - may also have to follow the standard individual application procedure at their chosen host university.

  • Write a good motivation letter providing information about why you want to study abroad, which study program you are planning to enrol in, why you chose a certain host university, and how your home and host university/country will benefit from your mobility.

  • Name a second choice university to increase your chances of being selected for a scholarship.

  • Be aware that certain universities are more popular than other universities and so the competition for some universities will be fiercer  (see the statistics of projects EXPERTS I, II, III, 4Asia and SUSTAIN).

  • If you have been rejected in a previous call, please check the grounds on which your application was refused and avoid making the same mistakes.


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