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 Selection Procedure

  Selection Procedure


I. Evaluation of applications:

First, all submitted applications go through the eligbility check and evaluation and validation processes performed by all Host and Home Universities involved in the project. The quality assessment of eligible applications is undertaken based on:

  • study results in the relevant study areas
  • academic potential
  • level of language skills
  • motivation
  • recommendations
  • where relevant: work experience, professional qualifications and result of interviews


II. Selections

Selection Committee together with all project's Consortium Partners is responsible for the selections.

Out of the eligible applications, the selection is based on:

  • The quality assessment
  • The guidelines of the European Commission - please refer to the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 website
  • The Candidate's preference of the 1st or 2nd choice Host University
  • Distribution of Grantees between Host and Home Universities within the EXPERTS Consortium and SSEA countries
  • Additionally, In case of equally evaluated applications, preference will be given with the consideration of:
    • Gender balance
    • Level of vulnerability (for Target Group 3)
    • Proven difficult economic situation
    • Prioritised fields of study


III. Notification of Candidates

All candidates, who applied for an EXPERTS scholarship by submitting the online application, will be notified on the outcome of the selections following the selection meeting and the finalization of the selection lists.


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